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Right Angle Gearbox Selection Process

There is a standard process that should be considered before selecting the 90-degree spiral bevel gearbox that is correct for your specific application.

Determine your preferred input/output ratio – Standard ratios are 1:1 and 2:1. It is also possible to use a step-up ratio of 1:2 by using shaft #2 as the input shaft.

Designate which shafts are to be the input and output shafts – This step is especially important in making sure that no shaft will turn faster than 2,000 RPM. If shaft #2 in the 2:1 ratio models is selected as the input shaft, it can turn at a maximum of 1000 RPM. In the 1:1 ratio models it makes no difference. However, the choice, in either case, will affect your mounting.

Designated output shaft – The designated output shaft(s) must have a torque capacity greater than your application load.  Review catalog for torque ratings.

Choose drive type – Choose either a 2-way or 3-way configuration.

Select the correct model number – Select the correct model number that corresponds with your chosen drive type.

Modifications of shafts and housing – If modifications of the shafts and/or housing are required, please contact us with a drawing and description of the application.

Right Angle Gearbox Options

We carry 3 unique varieties of 90° reducers to service all types of applications. Our miter gearbox options include the following:

Two-Way Right Angle Gearbox

Our Ever-Power two-way miter gearboxes transfer power smoothly and quietly using specially designed hardened spiral bevel gears that turn corrosion-resistant stainless steel shafts. Our two-way right angle gearboxes feature AGMA class 10 spiral bevel gears.

Three-Way Right Angle Gearbox

These 90-degree gearboxes are permanently lubricated and provide a smooth transfer of power with very little noise and no maintenance. Our three-way right angle gearboxes feature 2 output shafts manufactured from non-magnetic stainless steel and AGMA class 10 spiral bevel gears.

Counter-Rotating Gearbox

Ever-Power counter-rotating gearboxes offer counter-rotating “T-style” configuration in 1:1 and 2:1 gear ratio, with numerous shaft size options. This unique right angle gearbox provides 2 output shafts that rotate in opposite directions simultaneously. Our counter-rotating right angle gearboxes feature corrosion-resistant stainless steel shafts and maintenance-free operation as well as AGMA class 10 spiral bevel gears.

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